Pawsome Adventures

My puppy River loves to be the figurehead of our boat! I can only imagine the stories she conjures up in her dreams after a good day of fishing. She's effortlessly embraced all the adventures we've introduced her to thus far and we have grand plans for the future of her adventuring career! It is such a joy to have her along. Dogs have a way of nuzzling into our hearts and helping us fully immerse in the experience. 

If you haven't embarked on an adventure with your dog recently, take this as a reminder to introduce them to the excitement of new grass, dirt, and trees. I always find myself feeding off my dogs nervous excitement of the unknown. It's so much fun to watch as she realizes that we are going somewhere fun. I love waiting in anticipation to see how she will choose to navigate the situation and then laughing at her reaction to the new stimulus. For example, the first time my husband caught a fish and showed it to her, she leaped backwards when the fish suddenly flopped out of his hands onto the grass. Quickly recovering from that jumpscare, more curious as to what that strange thing is, she cautiously stretched out her body (so as not to get too close) and LICKED the fish! We just about died laughing! Now she is the of-fish-ial fish licker on our boat. Not a fish goes back in the water without being licked; she is very good at her job, haha! 

Dogs have no need of a plan. They don’t find travel inspiration online, do a bunch of research, ask for time off work, or pack any essentials. They just have to wait for us to do all of that! However, as much as we wish someone else would start making some decisions around here, dogs really pull their weight when it comes to the enjoyment of all that hard work. I’ve never seen my dog more alive than when she experiences the outdoors and that really rubs off on us. They are such a good example of being carefree, stress free, and really just living in the moment. When you are out there watching your dog having a blast, time seems to go slower. You find yourself savoring the moments. Our dogs rely on us to take them on those adventures. They are a part of our family, but we are their whole life, their whole world. Let’s share ours with them, they deserve it! Take your dog on your next adventure, it’s good for the soul, yours and theirs. 

And while you're at it, take a page out of their book. Go run around, roll in the grass (or mud) and don't be afraid to get a little or a lot dirty! Savor those moments, they are the “good old times.” When you get home, watch their twitching feet and dreaming face, and know they are probably dreaming about the adventure they just had with their person!