For many of us, one of the best things about gathering around a campfire is the personal and real life stories that come out. The unrehearsed extravaganza usually starts out with something like, “ Do you remember that time when…?”. From there, the real-life fantasies and barely survivable epics that will be told can be the relational glue that holds families and friends together for generations. These are the same kind of stories that elite athletes and crusty adventurers all tell, except it’s most likely, partly, possibly the truth and, well, it’s your turn.
“Do remember that time when…
-We had to rappel 700 ft in the dark, at 1am, with no headlamps? We barely survived!
-We got to the river and the parking lot was flooded because the water was so flowing high? That was great!
-Dad ran out of gas 9 miles from our campsite and he got picked up by gold miners… that was crazy!
-When the other dogs ate our pre-cooked burgers and we had to settle for ketchup, cheese, and buns… that was bad.
-Nobody packed firewood and everyone went to sleep early? That was the worst.
Enjoy your unique adventures, tell the absurd stories and …long live the campfire!!!
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