You really need to see it...

You’ve heard it said a million times that “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  And when I’m out there, standing high above a deep canyon of red rock cliffs, or immersed in a flower strewn mountainside with perfect marshmallow clouds above, or even the macro-view of a trail leading off into infinity… I’ve taken a billion pictures hoping to capture the wild & sensual beauty all around me.


  We have all snapped those pictures with high hopes.  But, alas, every single time I re-visit those promising pictures, I’m somewhat let down.  Something in the digital images just doesn’t do it justice.  It’s never as good as it was in person.  I can try to fill in the missing “something” with stories or colorful narration.  But it still doesn’t work.  The pictures are great, but simply not as good.  They never do the “real thing” justice.  You probably get what I’m saying.  It’s a cosmic truth that “You really need to see it”… in person, out there, for real.  After all, anything less than the real deal is, well, just less!


Get out there, take it all in, and take pictures anyway.  Picture are okay, but getting out there you truly see it and live it in technicolor!  Nothing comes close to witnessing the moments in real-time, and…It’s good for the soul!


-Jay Vonesh

Adventure Now Outdoors